Wow, what a twist.

The world heavy-weight champion was standing in a corner and eagerly waiting. The most agile pugilist ever was leaning on the wall, speechless, and was a spectator to the tantivy of the hospital staff moving athwart his view. One of the most daring ringster the world has ever known looked pale. The ultimate bruiser, holding the world record for the most number of first round knock-outs, was looking every bit knocked out.

His heart pounded and immediately stopped for a moment when the OT door opened. He started walking towards the door. Never ever was his foot work so desynchronised. The intense eyes, the very look of which would scare the opponents, turned moist. For the first time in the life of this champion incessant tears rolled down the cheek and plunged to the floor six and a half feet below. He raised his hands in reciprocation to the identical act performed by the nurse, The “iron hands” were shivering for the first time. Though the package transferred by the nurse exactly weighed 3.25 kg and could fit in one of his palms, he held it in both of his palms. The feelings were so overwhelming that all the heavy iron-pumping and the dreaded work-out sessions in the gym looked less tiresome. Overflowing emotions had drained his energy. Yes, the gentle and the most beautiful creation of mother nature had knocked out the world heavy-weight champion without a fight. The raw power and the brawn was no match to the innocent look that beckoned him and he had given up without any resistance. HIS NEW BORN BABY HAD WON HIS HEART IN THE VERY FIRST ROUND. HE WAS A FATHER NOW. WHAT A TWIST IN HIS LIFE.

I will always remember the moment I became a father. It was definitely the most beautiful twist in my life. This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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