The story unfolds – The finale

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Manojavam’s life itself was a Dream. Not many people get to live a life so meaningful and pleasant. Infact, others can only  Dream about leading such a life.He saw a nation’s fight for freedom from close quarters and also the way it transformed after independence.

A successful married life spanning over seven decades. Children, grand-children and great grand children, oh! it was a dream alright.

He began listening to music on a gramophone and then upgraded to Sony Walkman and now he listens music in  Bose audio system. “It seems MS likes the Bose System as her singing quality is the best in it” he had remarked.

He used to make trunk calls earlier in his life, then came the landline connection and finally the cellular phone. He started with a Nokia do whatever you want with me but I will not break mobile and now he is a proud owner of Apple iPhone 5 presented to him on his 100th birthday.

When the Internet Saga began, he was more than happy to be an ever crawling spider on the World Wide Web. He read a lot about Buddha, Vivekananda, Mahatma, etc…. on it. “It is a virtual teacher” he often remarked. He read extensively about the World Wars too.

He started reading books at the City Central Library and then set up his own library and now he reads ebooks. He owns an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. He started blogging when he was 90 years. He has a lot of followers and most of them are youngsters. Once he blogged about how nice it would be if Shakira, Lady Gaga and the likes would preform sporting a kumkum and a Mysore Silk saree. Yongsters thought it was a humorous post but he was actually serious.

He had walked bare footed throughout his schooling. But now among his collection were Nike – Air and Hush puppies.

His first mode of transport was his foot. Then came the bicycle. While the visited Bombay to listen to the Mahatma speak he had travelled in a car owned by a very rich friend of his Dad. Now Manojavam travels around in the Mercedes Benz owned by his son.

He and his wife had brought four rag-pikcers from the streets and transformed them into educated responsible citizens. He always mentioned about four of his god-given sons proudly. They too believed that the couple was their parents.

He had travelled the world around visiting places of interest to him.

But he never craved for anything. He accepted whatever came to him gleefully. The only thing he insisted was a hot cup of coffee prepared only by his wife when he used to go through the Newspaper in the mornings. On his hundredth birthday bash he was asked by one of the invitees as to whether he had any unfulfilled dreams, for which he replied ” I have been living a dream for a century. The only time I disconnect with it is when I sleep. I don’t get dreams in sleep, in fact sleep interrupts me living my dream.”

It was such a meaningful and fulfilling life. He drank the cup of life till its very last drop.

The day after Manojavam suffered a second heart attack, his dream ceased. He had left for the afterworld. A get together was organised in his remembrance ten days after his demise. Manjula was seated in the front row. One of his rag-pickers took centre-stage and read his eulogy.

” A special life has ceased. But not before teaching us how to live. Appa (father) has shown the right spirit with which we need to face life. He lived through a century and I have no doubt that the way he lead his life has inspired all of us and in time will inspire many. Sweet memories, food for thought, love for music, off the track travel destinations, people friendly and a life nothing less than a dream are some things that he will be known for. May his soul rest in peace”.


8 thoughts on “The story unfolds – The finale

  1. Lovely end to a well lived life. Manojavam’s saga was something that will be remembered beyond the seven days in which it was narrated to us. 😀

    • Thanks a lot Jairam. I could not post yesterday due to the festive celebrations at my place due to arrival of my daughter from mysore. I have published yesterdays and todays posts. Please go through the previous post too and let me know your thoughts.

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