The story unfolds – Part 6

vecchio libro con stilografica

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Manojavam was all alone in the hospital ward that morning. Manjula had gone to clarify something with the doctor. Manojavam was lost in thoughts. He was pondering over the question that his grand daughter had asked him almost ten days ago – “Why do people call you a good person?” He took out a sheet and a pen.  A meaningful childhood, a father who was also a best friend, a successful married life and a life span that just crossed a century mark, ought to make you a poet.  He scribbled –

Down the memory lane,

backwards through the path of life.

I began to think from when,

I became a good person.

My first teacher was mom,

she fed me the essence of life.

My first best-friend was dad,

who calmed my inner strife.

Then a host of people came,

nuances of life each taught.

some through doings and other through misdoings,

knowledge in my life they brought.

Buddha – the power of silence,

Hitler – the debacle of violence.

Mahatma – the pursuit of truth,

Vivekanada – the virtue of youth.

Then comes a list close to my heart,

of people who share my blood.

Their part they did play,

In my heart they did stay.

Wife – the bliss of company,

Children – the bringers of life’s harmony.

True Friends – the unconditional helpers.

Books – the non-living guides

All these people, roles they played,

In my journey, close they stayed.

They guided me till the end from the start,

I thank them every moment, from my heart.


As he finished writing, Manjula just entered the ward. Her interest was piqued when she saw Manojavam writing something. She sat next to him and read what he had written. When she was finished she looked at Manojavam and noticed that his eyes were fading and he was sweating profusely. It was another Heart attack. His heart was overwhelmed due to recollection of so many memories and forgot to make the lub-dub sounds. He was shifted to he ICU. As he lay motionless, Priya peeked through the small window of the door to have a look at her great grand father. “Why isn’t appajja talking to us anymore?” she enquired. “Appajja is in deep sleep dear” Manjula replied. “Then wake him up. I want to talk to him” she requested. Manjula remarked “We should not wake him up dear, he is dreaming”……………..




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