Mistaken to be mature.

I’d do things differently Mohan Chacha” he remarked. His mother, eavesdropping hitherto, burst into the room and launched a diatribe. “Don’t dare to swerve from the family path. Our family has worked hard to amass this wealth for generations. You are the next flag bearer. Don’t give that immature, vacuous and cheap brain of yours any work and just follow my directions. Learn from Mohan Chacha you pea-brained rascal.”

Rahul, taken aback by the sudden tirade, began weeping. Mohan Chacha, comforting Rahul, opened his mouth. “Madamji, we were playing Angry Birds. I secured two stars. He said he’d do it differently.”



Posted for the prompt “I’d do things differently” at Write Tribe.


11 thoughts on “Mistaken to be mature.

  1. 😀 😀 😀 Paddy, I don’t know man, for whatever reason I was reminded of RaGa when reading this post. Was he the person you had in mind when you wrote this??

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