A heartfelt confession



Dear Mother India,

I need to confess.

I would never wish that,

If only you were here.


Politics divides states,

Anarchy never abates.

You’ll tremble with fear,

If only you were here.


Rupee plummets,

Petrols’ and Onions’ price rockets.

It will cost you dear,

If only you were here.


Womanhood in streets facing a lot of  peril,

Self proclaimed Godmen parading evil.

Even your character will they smear,

If only you were here.


You continue to shine in our hearts,

and give us the strength to fight.

To change this country for better,

we need to brighten our inner light.


This poem is written in response to the prompt “If only you were here” by Write Tribe in the post 100 Words on Saturday – 5.

Hope you all like it.






18 thoughts on “A heartfelt confession

  1. Nice poem Paddy, all that pent up frustrations that all of us have come out very simply, very easily through your simple verse…

  2. How lucidly you have brought out the thoughts of an entire segment of the populace.
    Hopefully, things will take an about turn and we will get justice soon….

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