Seven famous sevens – Part – 7

Hello to all. I am quite excited in taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words – Seven day blogging challenge. The theme of the blogging challenge is SEVEN. I have decided to blog about seven famous sevens that I can recollect or find about. I thank Write Tribe for coming up with such an innovative challenge. I hope that every blogger who participates in this challenge will come out with full colours which,by the way,are SEVEN in number.

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Super Heroes.


“Ashwathaama Balir Vyaso Hanumanash cha Vibhishana Krupacharya cha Parashuramam Saptaita Chiranjeevanam” which means which means Ashwathama, Maha Bali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripacharya and Parashurama, are the 7 long lived personalities (immortals). Of these my favourite is Hanuman.

Super Heroes save the world. When the world is in dire straits; attacked by aliens, threatened by terrorists, disturbed by evolved beings, etc …., the Super Heroes arrive right on time to show that they care for us and flaunt their extraordinary talents in the process of eliminating the peril.

I have a feeling, which is a mixture of surprise and an iota of disbelief, about the geographical origins of most of the Modern Super Heroes; since it seems that the fertilty required for their genesis and/or upbringing  is only in the American soil. I mean, why didn’t the space shuttle carrying an infant from the planet Krypton find a better landing site other than Smallville? Why is it that spiders don’t bite in any other country? Even if they do, why don’t their juices have Super Hero generating potential as the one that bit Peter Parker had?

For a moment I ask you people to consider our gods as just characters of fiction. Assuming that you did, I have the following argument. Our ancient authors had a better taste and insight in imagining a Super Hero. I am talking about Hanuman, who according to me is the finest and the best of
Super Heroes. Let us compare our own Desi Super Hero with these Pardesi ones.



The alien Super Hero for whom America is the foster nation. Also called as the Man of steel, his alienness is vividly displayed when he fails to follow one of the most fundamental etiquettes(strictly followed by his foster nation) of dressing. Extremely powerful and immortal. Apparently his cells are infused with the genetic codex of the entire Kryptonian race. Has no weaknesses except for one, his powers are weakened when he is in the vicinity of the mineral debris called as Kryptonite.

Hanuman, an immortal hero, has his powers described on par with Super Man. He once almost touched the Sun. He is a loyal servant to the most supreme being Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A scholar, well versed with all the Vedas, he has the entire knowledge about the world he lives in. No weaknesses, except for the fact that he has to be reminded of his powers.



The Super Hero who credits his origin to an accidental spider-biting incident. With great power, he needs to be taught, comes great responsibility. His major problem is his ego. Has an endless list of deeds involving bravery and courage on his side, but I feel he is in for a big trouble when mundane urgencies like answering a nature’s call knocks at his door step during an official duty, courtesy his outfit. He can’t even pleasantly scratch his crotch after a tiring, sweaty job.  As far as personal life goes his relationship with is girlfriend is on and off a million times.

On the other hand, Hanuman has no problem with ego, since he cannot remember his powers. Credit must be given to the author for thinking this deep. His outfit, a modest one. He is the one who proved that Rama nama (chanting of the name of the lord) is more powerful that Rama ( the lord himself) a fitting deed for a great character.



The Super Hero who has limited his security services to a certain geographical boundary called as the Gotham City. A champion in ninjutsu and a master in disguise, having a body in perfect physical shape he is into providing justice and fighting crime along with his sidekick Robin. As in the case of Superman even Batman needs a lesson in etiquettes of dressing. 

Hanuman the most obedient of Super Heroes, operates alone. He has masterd every art of warfare. His bravery and an eye for how things should happen is depicted when he confronts Ravana and tells him “Hey Ravana, it would take me seconds to destroy you, but because my Sita mata has pledged that her husband, my lord Rama, will one day destroy you, I am leaving you alive for today”.

My blood boils when I see these Sci-Fi movies where the world is under attack and the Indians, in groups, are shown praying inside a temple waiting for a foreign hero to come and save the world. We need to get our imagination right and make Hanuman an international hero. I am waiting for the day when an Indian Super Hero will protect the White House from being destroyed and successfully saves the US president on the orders of the Indian Prime Minister (we must have a Prime Minister who can talk in the first place). There are a zillion computers in India too. I think some of them should also intercept a feed sent from Aliens before Americans and Europeans do. India should also save the world many a times.


I finally thank Write Tirbe for coming up with such a wonderful challenge. It was surely a festival of words. The theme seven was so relevant to the year 2013. We have Big Boss season 7 commencing and KBC season 7 commencing with the prize money a whooping 7 crores. It is raining sevens this year. All in all it was great fun to participate in this challenge.


5 thoughts on “Seven famous sevens – Part – 7

  1. I just had to come here and read this, when I saw Superheroes. There is an image in one of the old Gotham Comics with Superman paying home-age to the original man..”Hanu-Man”… especially apt for this article…

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