Seven famous sevens – Part – 3

Hello to all. I am quite excited in taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words – Seven day blogging challenge. The theme of the blogging challenge is SEVEN. I have decided to blog about seven famous sevens that I can recollect or find about. I thank Write Tribe for coming up with such an innovative challenge. I hope that every blogger who participates in this challenge will come out with full colours which,by the way,are SEVEN in number.

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If we look back at the mythology/history of the three most ancient and powerful cultures viz. Indian, Chinese and Greek, it is a special thing that the wisest men, scholars and sages always have been in groups of SEVEN. In Egypt 7 was considered to be a godly number, so much so that normal people refrained from using it in their writings.

Indian Mythology:

We all know about the Saptarishi Mandal, a constellation in the sky consisting of seven stars each named after a Sage in Hindu mythology. The present batch of Saptarishis are Bhrigu, Atri, Angirasa, Vashista, Pulastya, Pulalaha and Kratu.



Kratu α UMa Dubhe
Pulaha β UMa Merak
Pulastya γ UMa Phecda
Atri δ UMa Megrez
Angiras ε UMa Alioth
Vashista ζ UMa Mizar
Bhrigu η UMa Alkaid

The Saptarishis are the seven mind born sons of Brahma. They live for a period of time known as a manvantar (306,720,000 Earth Years). During this period of time they serve as representatives of Brahma. At the end of a manvantara the universe gets destroyed and Saptarishis merge in God and the task of filling the earth is given to new appointed Saptarishis.

Ancient Greek History: (600 BC)

The Seven Sages of Greece or the Seven Wise Men was the name given to a group of seven learned men and law-givers.


They were Cleobulus of Lindos, Solon of Athens, Chilon of Sparta, Bias of Priene, Thales of Miletus, Pittacus of Mytilene, Periander of Corinth. They were all legislators and thinkers of the highest calibre.

Ancient Chinese History:(200 BC)

The Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove were a group of Chinese scholars, writers and musicians.


Liu Ling, Ruan Ji, Ruan Xian, Xiang Xiu, Wang Rong and Shan Tao and Xi Kang were the SEVEN sages. It seems all the seven used to gather in a bamboo grove where they enjoyed and praised each other’s works. They solicited the intake of Chinese Alcoholic drinks and its use as a means of freedom of expression and through that enjoy nature.

I have began to wonder why 7 only. This study has piqued my curiosity. 7 does have a very special place in mythology.


23 thoughts on “Seven famous sevens – Part – 3

  1. Although I knew of the saptarishis, I had no clue about the Greeks and the Chinese also having the concept of seven wise men.

    Thanks for these wonderful nuggets of information Paddy…

    • @Jairam. Welcome. I should confess that I too was ignorant about these facts. We should thank write tribe for giving us this opportunity. If not for this challenge I would not have bothered to collect this information, and now I am really interested in delving more into history.

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