Seven famous sevens – Part – 1

Hello to all. I am quite excited in taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words – Seven day blogging challenge. The theme of the blogging challenge is SEVEN. I have decided to blog about seven famous sevens that I can recollect or find about. I thank Write Tribe for coming up with such an innovative challenge. I hope that every blogger who participates in this challenge will come out with full colours which,by the way,are SEVEN in number. _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________


The Electromagnetic Spectrum that has a wide range constitutes of a small portion called as the Visible Light. The combination of the wavelenghts in this portion of the spectrum results in what is called as White Light. It is our window to the world, since it is through these constituents we SEE it. White light constitutes of SEVEN colours viz. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red.

Nature, the owner of white light, flaunts her exploits in a resplendent and spectacular display in the sky called as the RAINBOW(seven letters). Rainbow has been the inspiration to many budding poets to showcase their talent. I am sure all of us have ran out of our homes in order to view one to them during our childhood and the ones who have had the opportunity to keep alive the child in them will enjoy it throughout their lives.


For the rest of my life I will reflect on what light is.
— Albert Einstein

All the atoms of the known elements have their characteristic signature called as a SPECTRUM(seven letters). A spectrum is a collection of the particular colours emitted/absorbed by an atom, which are characteristic of it. In fact, much of the existing knowledge of the universe was made possible from the study of these signatures. Let me give you an example:


How do we know that Sun has a lot of hydrogen? Obviously we can’t go and check that information personally. It is a simple fact to deduct using the Spectra. Look at the two spectra in the figure. The first spectra is that of our Sun. You can see it emits almost all the colours with all their shades. But there are some dark lines. These are basically the colours absorbed by the atoms present in the outermost layer of the Sun. The spectra below is that of hydrogen. It has its characteristic signature, i.e., one line in red, one in blue two in violet. The shades of the colour which Hydrogen emits are exactly the dark lines in the Solar Spectrum. This proves beyond doubt that Hydrogen must be present in the Sun. ISN’T IT AMAZING THAT SITTING IN YOUR STUDY YOU CAN CONCLUDE THAT HYDROGEN IS PRESENT IN THE SUN!!!!!

We receive light from distant parts of the universe, the parts that are light years away from us, yet we can find out a lot of information by studying the light we receive from those parts. It is light that shines light on many dark secrets of the Universe. The small window in the Electromagnetic spectrum, consisting of SEVEN colours, provides us with a giant window through which we can understand our world and finally ourselves. I conclude by dedicating a stanza to White Light – The mixture of SEVEN colours.

Hello dear white light,
every morning with darkness you fight,
to make every thing in our world bright,
and to give all of us the gift of sight.


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