Remain strange but never estrange.

Once I was released out of the cocoon that my parents had concocted in order to protect me from the outside world when my mind was mature enough to understand human emotions, sentiments and I was ready to bear the crests and troughs that life has to offer, I began to realize that I had many strangers concealed in me. Please be rest assured that I am neither talking about any demonic possessions nor am I a patient of schizophrenia. I am talking about emotions that are frequently displayed by me on certain occasions. They leave me in bewilderment since I would have never expected such a behavior from my side. This letter is to those few emotions that are personified by me involuntarily and knowingly or unknowingly they have made me a better individual. I would like to address each one of them as though they are individual characters albeit they are strangers.

Hello to all the strangers in me,

How is it that you manage to get displayed so efficiently and at the right time? I am quite surprised at how you make me look tough yet compassionate, strong yet soft, serious yet friendly. I enjoy the moment when I am possessed by any of you, since it lets me discover a new facet of my personality, but I am left with no time to learn more about you since your  ebbing is as sorcerous as your ingress. As an individual I am expected to behave mostly as dictated by the world around and the circumstances it feeds into my life but every now and then you pop up unexpectedly and show the world a unique me. Over the years I have begun to like you people and, if possible, would like to befriend you. May be that the very endeavour to befriend you people eventually will make me a mentally matured person. By means of this letter I would like to correspond to the first three among you, in the order of my recollection, one at a time and relive the moments spent in your company.

To the compassionate one:

I will never forget the day when I was granted your company. I vividly remember the day when I was walking back to home from school and I happened to pass by a house where the relatives were mourning the death of the bread winner of the family. A young girl, may be ten years old, was sitting right beside the body and her grief was uncontrollable. The very next moment tears rolled down my eyes as I stood on the road completely oblivious to the surroundings. That was the first time in my life I cried for a stranger. I did not know what had befallen me until I realized it was you. Till date you remain a stranger to me, and give me company when I see someone in pain, when I see a sportsperson win any event in Paralympics, etc…

To the patient one:

You, I miss a lot, many a times. But I had the privilege of having your company one whole day, that was exactly a week after my marriage. I along with my wife had been to the Sub-Registrar’s office to obtain our Marriage Certificate. I was clearly hinted in the very beginning that I had to “warm” the hands of the peon in order to facilitate the fast moving of the documents and finally leading to the issuing of the certificate. I decided to go for the right way of obtaining the certificate since you possessed me. I did warm the hands of my wife by holding them while waiting for the certificate. It took one whole damn day, and the peon decided to put you to test every now and then by giving various reasons to justify the delay in processing. But you were strong. May be I would have succumbed to the pressure  if not for you and missed the pleasure I experienced when I finally laid my hands on the certificate. I had, as a citizen of my country, obtained a certificate legally because of you. Though my lunch timings got delayed by five hours or so that day, I enjoyed your company. I need to befriend you since your companionship will make my stay on earth very meaningful.

To the appreciative one:

I did have the pleasure of meeting you a few times during my childhood and teenage. I am enjoying your company since I started working as a teacher. Your presence has made me realise the extraordinary pool of talent in today’s youngsters. You have made my bond with my students stronger and I have seen you many times in them too when they interact with each other and with me. How beautiful the word would turn out to be if every one was blessed with you. School, College,  Workplace and Home would be so much fun. I am indebted to you for making me love my profession that much more. Thanks a lot.

Thanks to all of you once again for making me who I am today.

Your’s emotionally,


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


2 thoughts on “Remain strange but never estrange.

  1. This was such a beautiful letter Paddy, I personally have met the ‘appreciative stranger’ a lot of times, although am yet to see the ‘patient stranger’ and the ‘compassionate stranger’.

    Excellent creative take on the prompt.

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