Thoughts Shared

This poem is dedicated to every citizen of my country.


At the stroke of midnight,
after decades of fight,
after years of perseverance,
we gained independence.

Yes, it was tryst with destiny,
it was end of tyranny,
the country craved for freedom and peace,
no longer was the country available for lease.

So many people lost their lives,
mothers lost sons and husbands were lost by wives.
Sacrifice for the Mother Nation was regarded to be pure,
they died happily, thats one thing for sure.

How worthy is their sacrifice?
Are we aware of the freedoms’ price?
for we are plagued by a lot of problems still,
there are many daemons in us to face the kill.

Yes we have come a long way,
we have progressed in many areas to say,
we still need to fight ourselves now,
our country should look as beautiful as in our anthem, we must vow.

Two healthy meals a day, if each citizen can afford,
that is the day we make our Mother Nation proud.
let us find ways to unite rather than divide,
we must empower ourselves, for at stake is our pride.

Succes is not how many homes we own,
success is not how many Malls in the map are shown,
success is still far-fetched, let me tell you why so,
if we were successful, why has rupee fallen so low?

To develop we don’t need sacrifices,
we need to be ready for small compromises.
Every time we should place country ahead of us,
for when our mother is happy, we have nothing to fuss.

Let us be on par with any in technology.
at the same time let us work towards getting a kind-worded eulogy.
In future when ISRO’s HD imaging satellites scan Nations’ every mile,
I want every Indian to be captured sporting a bright smile.



This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts Shared

  1. “In future when ISRO’s HD imaging satellites scan Nations’ every mile,
    I want every Indian to be captured sporting a bright smile.”
    Just one point:
    IMO, we need to be ready for small sacrifices (not compromises).

    • Thanks for the appreciation.
      The point you have made is well taken. I too was a bit uncomfortable using that word. But poetic instinct demanded a rhyming word since I had ended the previous line with “sacrifices”. Also the poem was written keeping in mind the falling value of Indian rupee. It is often said that we need to start using certain products that would benefit the Indian market. We need to compromise as far as which brand we use rather than sacrifice using that product. That was how I convinced myself to use the word “compromises”

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