The stadium with a history

I have added a bit of fiction to the facts.


Old Trafford Stadium

The Old Trafford stadium[Link] is nothing short of Mecca for the football fans. It has been nicknamed as the “Theatre of Dreams” by Bobby Charlton. The stadium has a capacity of about 75,000. This is the home of one of the most revered and followed clubs in the history of football, The Manchester United[Link]. The stadium has played host to some of the finest matches of football.

The stadium was rendered non-functional from 1941 to 1949 due to bombing during the Second World War. The northern stand of the stadium is named after Sir Alex Ferguson, one the most admired and respected managers of all time. He managed the Manchester United team from 1986 to 2013.

“Sir Matt Busby Way” is the street leading to the stadium. Considering the long history of the club, thousands of vehicles use the rest stop right in front of the stadium. The passengers get to take a snap of the stadium and obviously it will find a place amidst their favourite personal memorabilia collection. The day my cousin visited the stadium there was a match in progress between Manchester City and Manchester United, and he found that there was no one in the rest stop, but the parking lot was full. He told me that it happens every time a match is under progress.


This post is written in response to the WRITE NOW PROMPT FOR AUGUST 13, 2013.


2 thoughts on “The stadium with a history

  1. Nice take on the prompt Padmanabha, the initial part of the post left me wondering where you were going with it, but the ending nicely wrapped it up…

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