Lazy Day


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I woke up one morning,

and it was not the usual tale.

The Sun, supposed to be scorching,

hid behind the clouds, looking very pale.


I asked myself, should I go to work?

for the day itself looked retired.

If I went to office, I would be a jerk,

a holiday is what I desired.


Rest at home where no tensions lurk,

packed under my quilt, very tight.

A movie marathon replacing office-work,

the idea looked very bright.


Oh what a time to savour,

when everything seems so dull.

After days of working with fervour,

let every second be lull.


Work, family, …., friendship,

day for each awarded.

Why should laziness be given a skip?,

let Lazy-Day be accorded.


I was tired by now, for I did think a lot.

I decide to rest till dusk, starting right from dawn.

I hung the sign on my door “Please, disturb DO NOT”,

and quickly slipped into my quilt after a lengthy YAWN.


Post submitted in response to the Daily Prompt.


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