Feel the pain


Image Courtesy: http://www.clker.com


When I was young, I had got used to a very bad practice. I used to hurl stones at street dogs whenever and wherever I used to see one. One day I saw a street dog at close proximity. I quickly gathered the nearest stone, which was quite a big one, and hurled at it. The stone hit it right at the knee joint of one of its legs. The dog gave out a very painful cry and ran limping. A sudden felling of remorse had befallen me. It was as though I felt the pain along with the dog. I feared that I might have permanently injured the dog. I cried myself to sleep that night. The next day I searched for the dog everywhere. Finally I found it playing amidst a pack of dogs. It was not limping. I thanked the almighty and decided that never again will I repeat such a gruesome act.


This is an article written in response to the Daily Prompt.


2 thoughts on “Feel the pain

  1. It’s good that you stopped and thought for a while after you noticed that dog suffering. Not too many people would do that.

    Good for you that you changed that habit of yours…

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