The “Grand” love


This is my first attempt at 55 fiction. Thanks to Write Tribe for this wonderful opportunity.


The army general was manhandled. The national hero, shown scant respect, had his hat seized , hairs pulled, chest kicked, uniform lubricated and medals tinkered. He welcomed the treatment, sporting brightest of smiles. Having won many a battle, he was happy to lose this one.

He had surrendered, wholeheartedly, to the innocent smile of his grandchild.


Comments and feedbacks will be highly appreciated.


22 thoughts on “The “Grand” love

  1. This is surely in my opinion, one of the most moving, touching and powerful stories that I have read on the topic of ‘love’. Really hard to believe that this is your first attempt at 55 fiction. I truly am hoping that there are more such attempts coz you seem to have a gift for this 🙂

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  3. This had an amazing twist. I began outraged for the disrespect showed and quickly evolved to pure happiness at the mention of the grandchildren. This was awesome.

  4. I must say I was a bit anxious about where this was going until the last sentence – made me chuckle – very nice.
    Dropping by from 55Fiction at write tribe.

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