Call of Death. Well, almost.


Tring-Tring, the phone rang. He couldn’t reach it from his hiding place fast enough. A couple of rings was enough to attract the attention of the wild jumbo that had gone berserk in the city. At once it broke down the door and he was exposed. Suddenly, his eyes went blur.

The very next moment the wild beast was chasing him down the road.  Somehow, he could not find any place to hide but just kept running. Hordes of people were watching this, the beast did nothing to them but had its sight completely focussed on him. He just couldn’t understand why. While thinking about this he failed to notice the stone lying on the road. He tripped and fell. He regained balance and looked up only to stare the beast and his nose touched its trunk. He could feel the anger in its breath pattern.  He did not know what to do. Suddenly, his eyes went blur.

He regained focus only to realise that he is now swimming under water. For a moment he felt relieved that, somehow, he had escaped death. The relief did not last for long. He could see the elephant swimming right behind him. He panicked and started to swim and shout for help at the same time. Wait a minute, he thought. How is it that I am able to shout inside water without swallowing it? Why am I not drowning? There is something wrong, he thought. Suddenly, his eyes went blur.

He is now in a dense forest running helter-skelter. The jumbo is just trashing all the tress coming in its way pounding them to ground and chasing him. He gets stuck between two large closely lying trees. He tries everything he is capable of but to no avail. Definitely this is the end. He is waiting haplessly for the jumbo to crash into him. He is now waiting, desperately, for death. He wants it to be fast and quick. To his surprise, the elephant walked all the way around him and looked at him eye to eye. Before anything could happen, his eyes suddenly went blur.

When he regained clarity something amazing happened. The elephant talked!! What more, it had the same voice as his mother!! It said “Chintu your bloody mobile phone is ringing from a long time. Why the hell are you not picking up the phone? What kind of an old Tring-Tring ringtone is that? Come on, get up.”

Oh my god! it was a dream, he realised. Before he could have a hearty laugh about the dream, Tring-Tring the phone rang.

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4 thoughts on “Call of Death. Well, almost.

  1. Quick question, why was the elephant chasing him in the first place in his dream? Had he caused it any harm, maybe in his previous life??

    • No. You know in the last few days there have been a lot of cases of wild tuskers barging into human inhabited areas. They show these live videos of tuskers attacking and bludgeoning people, ransacking public property. These are somethings that stay put in your memory. You vividly remember the violent videos. Usually these are the things that are subjects of a bad dream. I pictured my protagonist as one of these people. But indulging in these things in the prelude would give away the very point that maintains the suspense throughout.

      • Of course it was, and you don’t need to justify it to me 😀 I was just curious as to choice of an elephant chasing him, that’s all

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